Specialized Frameless Glazing
Frameless showers
Frameless Balustrades
Framed Balustrades
Glass floors
Flush & Double Glazing
Framed stack away/folding doors
Frameless stack away/folding doors

Glass Screens
Frameless Hinge doors
Frameless Pivot doors
Frameless Sliding doors
Lift Shaft Cladding & Box Cladding

UV Bonding of stainless steel to glass & glass to glass
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Frameless Glass Showers is a feature to ones bathroom.
This application adds a neat & professional finish to your bathroom

Frameless Glass Showers

Frameless Balustrades

Framed Balustrades

Frameless stacking / folding doors adds a unique finish to massive openings.
This system is a user friendly system & very versatile.

Framed Stack away / Folding doors

Frameless stacking away/ folding doors

With the new frameless stack away doors, this concept has been given stacking / folding doors a complete make over.

Glass Screens

Frameless Hinge doors

Hinge doors can be used as entrance doors, wine cellar doors & shower doors.

Frameless Pivot Doors

Pivot doors mainly be used as entrance doors & wine cellar doors.
This application is durable & Suitable for areas where there is a lot of traffic.

Frameless Sliding doors

Frameless sliding doors is ideal for closing off areas of ones house,office or even bathrooms

Lift Shaft Cladding & Box Cladding

By using glass to clad lifts & boxes gives one a modern look on finishes.

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Frameless balustrades can also be fixed into / onto a channel or a groove slotted into concrete & can be side mounted with s/s domes.

Framed balustrade is mounted within a aluminium or stainless steel frame. This type of application can either be fixed directly onto a concrete slab or mounted on the side of a concrete slab.

Glass Screens with glass fins has added a new look to buildings,wine cellars & office block.
This concept is user & environment friendly.


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